Born in Binghamton New York my mom carried small town American values to heart. She believed in God, loved her family and adored her husband.

I had a registered nurse as a mom. Which means something to children raised by a nurse. They are tough. They are fair. And while other moms may blow on a burn or give words of sympathy – nurses say stuff like… “Shake it off” , “Not bleeding that bad”, “That shouldn’t leave a mark” – if you expected sympathy you better have a damn good reason to ask for it. But when you needed it – my mom could shower you with compassion without boundaries.

She loved her life, and enjoyed sharing her excitement with those around her. I recall as a very young boy her standing me on the kitchen table making us the same height just so we could dance together.

She loved to cook – especially for my dad – I recall the countless times sitting on the counter watching her in the kitchen – preparing goulash, spaghetti, pork chops, burnt chicken legs, and my least favorite eggs & Bologna. She was always mindful to make it the way my father liked it.

Fiercely passionate and highly opinionated my mom could out debate and out wit the smartest professor, doctors, or whoever about whatever. She did it as a hobby – like a sport. “Just testing you” – she would say the moment she had you questioning everything you thought you knew.

She loved to talk, I found myself countless times sitting on the edge of our sofa as she taught me the art of random banter. We talked forever. She could talk about anything and everything. Never a dull moment – she always had a great story to tell and when she laughed – you laughed. We always laughed with my mom around. No matter what crisis, challenge, or life obstacle my mom could find the humor in it. And how she laughed, could be recognized from the other room. Even more memorable – watching her sit with her twin sister telling stories and watching them laugh.

But nothing can compare to the memories my mom and dad built together. They built a house together, Antique business together, traveled the world together, tackled family crisis together, raised three great kids and built an amazing family together. They did it together – their way, all the way. One challenge after another, no matter how big or small, my parents stuck it all out – always growing stronger together.

The memories we share of her is a testimony to how amazing she was as a wife, mother, sister and friend. Truly, there are no words I can pull together that would describe how much I will miss this feisty redheaded nurse – I call mom.