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Matt Ordeshook is an accomplished designer, animator, and photographer. He’s worked with restaurants, a swimwear line in Fiji, cosmetic brands, bloggers, athletic brands, fashion brands, and influencers.  Below you’ll find a small selection of his photography.

Photography by Matt Ordeshook

Working with Creatives

Matt has worked with a lot of professional creatives – models, make-up artists, designers in fashion and advertising, ballerinas, bloggers, influencers, musicians, chefs, artists (to name a few). “One of the greatest parts of being a creative is working with other creatives.” Matt explains – “Living in Los Angeles, you get to meet and work with a lot of very talented personalities trying to achieve great creative ‘things’.”

Passion for

Passion for Start-ups

In the past six years Matt has worked with a number of start-ups. “It’s a ton of work but collaborating with a start-up is incredibly inspiring. Working with entrepreneurs gives me a huge burst of energy. ” Matt explains, “Telling a story with photography and video is wildly useful for a new business and guiding my client through that creative process is part of why I love what I do.”  From fashion to restaurants and cosmetic lines Matt continues to push his career in new directions. One of these start-ups is Body Love Athletic. Matt collaborated with this athletic clothing brand on multiple shoots. He created a wide range of content used to launch their yoga collection on social media, blogs and eCommerce.

Photography in Los Angeles

Launching Brands

In the past three years Matt has had the unique opportunity to shoot multiple times for State of Blue Clothing – a fashion brand for men.  As a result he has a stronger understanding of the challenges small business owners have when launching a brand. Because of this Matt is eager to work with more fashion brands and start-ups – “It’s such an awarding feeling when you contribute to the success of your client” Matt explained. State of Blue and Matt have collaborated together over the past three years. He was lead photographer for their first three lines and continues to consult and shoot for them when needed.

Social Journey

In 2016 Matt had the unique opportunity to travel to Fiji to collaborate with the fashion brand Envy Me Fiji. For three months he worked with 9 social media influencers in Fiji to promote the launch of Envy Me Fiji at Fiji Fashion week. As a result he created a ton of content for Envy Me that successfully launched the brand internationally. The trip was wildly successful in creating followers and buzz around Envy Me Fiji. In less than two month their Instagram grew from 300 followers to 6500 very active followers. Product sold out in a month and the brand would launch in multiple boutiques and small department stores around the world. Below is a very small collection of the content created.

Additional Photography

Guy with Backpack house of Sussex web design by matt ordeshookac

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