Additional Information

Additional information:

The owners of the company are very liberal, passionate about art, photography, and modeling, but they approach things with a manufacturing mindset. In business for over 30 years. They will be closely involved in the interview process. In the past, I have collaborated with them on strategy, and now they are committed to making photography a core element of their brand’s philosophy. It’s essential that the photography meets high-quality standards for this to be successful. In addition to photography, you would also need to be familiar with conducting takeovers. Training for this will be done in Seattle. This involves finding locations and capturing a wide variety of images, as well as deciding where to place ads and creating mock-ups using Photoshop. Once the mock-ups are created, they will be reviewed by the internal team. The technical aspects will be handled by their team, while you would be responsible for the overall visual decision-making process. Although you wouldn’t be responsible for the technical details, it’s important to understand what is feasible when designing takeovers to avoid unexpected issues.

While you will have a role as photographer the goal of transitioning in a CD role is real and a sign of success for this entire project, the brand is in the early stages of talking with talent agencies (24/7 and Creative Circle) ; they’re planning to bring in creative directors to interview as part of the pool of individuals to be under final consideration. I’ve had both as representation early in my career. I have my reservations. That said, they are working on structuring internally to handle the legal and administrative aspect of takeovers, in addition to onboarding a seasoned talent acquisition manager, as part of the creative strategy I’ve outlined. They are following the path outlined but want options. Sharing for full disclosure.

If chosen, you can expect to experience a whirlwind of activity, including downloading a lot of information and files from various sources. It will be the usual hustle and bustle that comes with handling large creative projects. Hurry up and wait. You will be responsible for storing and securing information and getting to know different aspects of the project. While there won’t be any actual work to do initially, you will gain valuable insights, and everything will kick into high gear in May. In fact, the phrase “hit the ground running” is an understatement. You’ll need to find time to attend security classes at Metro and other venues to start the certification process for access to restricted areas and for photography in metro and train stations. You’ll also receive a photography badge and a safety vest and a list of venues you’ll access to (stadiums, buildings, large community spaces). There will be other nuances to consider as well. For example, we’ll have the opportunity to tour a stadium with marketing and security teams and spend part of a day taking photographs and planning potential ad placements. The primary focus will be on safety and security – this is the first consideration that any idea must satisfy. It’s important to establish good relationships with security teams and executives from the beginning. Another important aspect is maintaining the integrity of the brand. Potential hazards, such as structural elements that could cause embarrassment to the brand, need to be carefully considered. This is the second consideration in the creative execution process. I’ll show you all of this firsthand during our first trip to Seattle, where I will guide you in scouting locations and collaborating with models at those same locations. The models will be photographed at the locations where the ads will be placed.

In my opinion, the best part is that the clothing brand has transformed a semi-truck trailer into a mobile photo studio. It includes a full digital wall, built-in beauty lighting, a small cyc wall, and a small “shop” boutique with a changing station and makeup area with sofas and mirrors at the rear. Designed by an interior decorator. Outside, there is equipment system that can accommodate various items such as bounces, scrims, lights, and a Godox system. This concept was initially inspired by another brand but has been creatively enhanced and adapted.